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About Us

About Us


To work with people, communities and businesses to achieve a thriving rural lifestyle that is vibrant, interesting, and based upon the responsible use of the region’s resources, including its people

What We Do

       Limestone Bluffs helps put people and resources together to solve local problems and promote community development.

Through the RC&D program, citizens gain access to a network of public and private services and financing to accomplish community projects. We strive to provide help by working with people rather than for people.  The development of local leadership and community pride is a key part of the Limestone Bluffs’ activities.

       Limestone Bluffs RC&D Area, Inc. can help groups define problems, set goals and then develop a workable plan to get the desired results.  RC&D networks with many other groups to find technical assistance, information, contacts and sometimes funds to get the job done.

       Limestone Bluffs projects often create jobs – jobs that were waiting to be developed in Agriculture, Cultural Arts, Tourism and other industries.  Other projects focus on the protection and improvement of natural resources and community facilities.  Still others work on improving a community’s quality of life.  All are designed to make rural communities more viable, and better places to live.

       Limestone Bluffs exemplifies the neighborly approach.  It is run by the people it serves and they set priorities for their communities.  It can be a catalyst for action, but the full credit goes to those who are working to make their communities better places to live.

Why Hire Limestone Bluffs?

Limestone Bluffs strives to promote inclusiveness, transparency, collaboration, cooperation, and open, honest communication.  With over 25 years of experience, LB RC&D is a local leader in project management and grant writing, including  leadership experience in entrepreneurship, advocacy, business, regional development, agriculture and foods, health promotion and more. Small, nimble, responsive and competent, Limestone Bluffs is well placed to offer excellent “bang for the buck” in a personal, outcome-oriented, professional manner.

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