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Small Business
Development Webinars

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LB RC&D Offers Free Webinars for

Business & Communities

Presented by Becky McCray and Deb Brown, co-founders of SaveYour.Town.

Contact us to view any of these recorded sessions.

Creating Events People Will Attend Recorded June 15, 2021 

If you’ve been frustrated by planning perfect events that no one comes to, you'll want to view this workshop. You work hard on events and things to do, then only a tiny crowd shows up. People complain that it was boring, or not convenient, or didn’t sound like something they wanted to do. Even worse, they say there's nothing to do in your community! Events don't have to be like this. Discover the secret to doing less event planning and make it better than if you finished it all yourself.   


Developing Resilient Communities: The Idea Friendly Method Recorded March 9, 2021

You don’t have to know all the answers. You just have to be open to new ideas. You can put your ideas into action TODAY with less overhead, less drag and more meaningful participation by more people. Learn three practical ways the research-backed Idea Friendly method will help you improve the climate for new ideas and position your small town to thrive, no matter what the future brings. The session is for small business owners, community leaders, local non-profit groups, key volunteers, engaged residents…anyone who would like to encourage those in their community to succeed.

Beating the Online Competition Recorded April 13, 2021

You have special advantages as a small town retailer. You can be even more competitive when you tap these special advantages and combine them with some of the best tricks online retailers have been using against you. But the pandemic pushed even more people to online shopping. Join us for more advanced retail tactics that work to beat your online competition, ones that don't demand a lot of technical skill to pull off. We’ll share new tricks and innovative approaches we’ve heard about in response to the pandemic, ones that we think will have enduring value.
This video will show you how to compete effectively and bring more business back through your doors.

Restarting Local Shopping Recorded May 11, 2021 

If you’re frustrated at getting local shopping going again, you'll want to view workshop. COVID brought local economies and indie businesses to a standstill. Whether your community has completely reopened local stores, is dealing with new restrictions or just has a lot of uncertainty, you can take action now to restart or boost local shopping. Explore the right way to rally your customers and community when normal "shop local" messages feel out of touch with those hurt economically. 


                                  LB RC&D’s Small Business Development Project

          Limestone Bluffs RC&D’s grant funded project provided technical assistance for business development from July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2021. The project created and saved jobs in small rural communities and adjacent areas in Eastern Iowa. 


                                Revolving Loan Also Available to Small Businesses

     Limestone Bluffs RC&D has established a successful revolving loan fund that continues to be able to provide financial assistance to small rural businesses for formation, expansion, as working capital or for the acquisition of equipment.  Over $57,000 is also available to qualifying small businesses through the agency’s revolving loan fund. Staff is able to help small businesses one-on-one to succeed in smaller markets.     

                                   Contact Limestone Bluffs RC&D

     Small businesses interested in assistance via the agency’s revolving loan program are encouraged to contact Limestone Bluffs RC&D with a brief description of their need. Please direct emails to:  Eligible businesses that apply are not guaranteed assistance through RC&D programs, but all will be reviewed for consideration.  


     Limestone Bluffs Resource Conservation & Development is a private, tax-exempt non-profit organization that works with people, communities and businesses in support of a thriving rural lifestyle for all.  To learn more contact LB RC&D at 563-221-1930.

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