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Watershed Management Plan

Executive Summary:  The Maquoketa River Watershed Management Plan is a regional community-driven plan with the goal to identify, prioritize, and address water-related issues such as water quality and flood mitigation. This plan serves as a guidebook and vision for the future for the member cities, counties, and Soil & Water Conservation Districts, offering a long-range perspective and ways to improve water quality and mitigate flooding throughout the watershed. The topics that the plan addresses include but are not limited to agricultural practices, water quality, present & future f looding, improved recreation, protection of the river ecosystem, and conservation practices. 
  1. Water Resource Concerns
  2. About the Watershed
            2.1 Physical and Natural Features
            2.2 Land Use Patterns
            2.3  Demographics
            2.4  Hydrological Conditions
3. Hydro and Pollutant Source 
4. Sub-Watersheds (Huc-10)
      4.1 Upper Maquoketa River
      4.2  North Fork of the Maquoketa
      4.3  Lower Maquoketa River
      4.4 Priority Source Areas (HUC-12)
5. Outreach and Public Education
6. Implementation Strategies
7. Budget Implementation & Timeline
8. Analysis, Research, Modeling
9. Appendices

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